London from above – unique photo set

Posted on April 10, 2013


One of the subject areas I love to write about is London and in the past I’ve posted some pieces about great London videos (like Flying over London). Well Jason Hawkes isn’t just a great photographer/videographer but the following documents the London of a certain era.

O2 Arena from above

One of a set of 27 stunning photos from Jason Fawkes

There are shots of well-known buildings and landmarks such as Tower Bridge, the Bank of England, St Paul’s, Canary Wharf, Regent Street with Christmas lights, Waterloo Station, the Albert Hall and Hyde Park, and the O2 Arena (if we still call it that).

I love the way you can almost feel the day ahead coming in some of them (as the night progressed?), while others in the dead of night are just stunning.

If I knew anything about the technicalities of photography I’d surely be waxing on about that aspect of his images.

More at – and once again, this series of outstanding series of aerial photos of London from Jason.

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