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Posted on April 5, 2013


I dug up these old photos (physical – had to scan them) from when I and a number of friends used to work at Silicon Media Group. My guess is that these were from late 2001 or early 2002. By mid-2002 we were acquired by CNET Networks and moved across London.

Why is no-one else there? Possible I was there very early. (More likely than being there late.) Possible it was after we were bought and it was an inbetween day.

There are several things I love in these pics…

Image 1 - my desk

This was one of the desks I had in our four years at Anchor House in Chelsea. Dig the chunky monitor, personal tech by Compaq and Palm and all the paper. Almost looks like I was a conscientious editor (hard copy OED and all).

Also note the copy of the Economist, with the cover story The case for war. That helps place this photo in time. (And btw Economist – what were you thinking?)

This is looking towards the reception. Those four posters talked about the four Ws of e-business. Or was it the five Ws? Whatever happened to them? Whatever happened to ‘e-business’?

Image 3 - newsroom

Looking the other way, this is mainly the old newsroom. Again – those mighty monitors. The island of desks off to the right was known as Guernsey. Or Jersey. Or… what?

Image 4 - coke room

This is a meeting room. I won’t disclose its nickname. I did once fall asleep in here after a company party.

Image 5 - Boardroom

Here’s the boardroom. Woohoo! Believe it or not that plasma screen was considered quite the item back in the day.

Image 5 - Builders

Out of the window of that room you could look down over the car park (that’s the anchor of Anchor House in the foreground) and then a little bit of Kensington and Chelsea that included the lovely Builders Arms Arse pub. The Silicon wake was held there about a year ago. If this was a good photo you’d be seeing more Silicon mouse mats on a roof.

Let me know what else you might remember.

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