This is my personal blog. I started it in 2011 to get to grips with WordPress and say more than I could fit onto Facebook or Twitter. Views here are my own. (Who else’s could they be?)

I run Collective Content (UK) – tagline: We tell your stories – where I also blog http://collectivecontent.co.uk/blog . I’m also a senior partner at Erbut (erbut.com) and do consulting projects, mainly for online publishers.


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So that’s me professionally. These pages express my love of subjects as diverse as TV, London, sport, technology, the whole hyperlocal content trend and the internet. (Was going to write social media but “the internet” is a better cover-all, right?)

I was until the end of October 2011 a publishing director at CBS Interactive in the UK, having been a reporter, editor and editorial director over the previous decade at a bunch of good companies that got themselves bought.

And I am still working on a new venture that isn’t covered by Collective Content. More on that when the time is right.

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@tphallett and


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