3 types of people get followers on Twitter

Posted on February 24, 2013


When I was looking at some insane tweets the other day, from some famous people, the penny dropped.

First, there are those who get Twitter followers because of their position, status, celebrity and the like.

Most don’t deserve large numbers of followers but some get them. (And they get churn, as people duck out almost as quickly as they sign up.) Twitter fail whale

The second group – let’s very neutrally call them the Good Guys – get followers because of what they say and what they do.

These are the people who prolifically and skilfully post content – their own, someone else’s, doesn’t matter – that is helpful or makes you feel good. This group is interesting to you. Might not be to your nearest and dearest but is to you.

Now the superstars of Twitter – let’s say those with 250,000+ followers, are likely to be a mix of the first and second groups. They may well be a household name but they also provide value.

And there’s a third group, let’s not forget. It’s an obvious one. It’s the rest of us.

Some of us post interesting links, craft interesting tweets. (At least we like to think we do.) We just don’t do it as well as the Good Guys.

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