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Posted on September 3, 2013


Often I’ve published to these pages with a desire to write something but not enough to say. This is, after all, one of those self-indulgent personal logs. But in the last few months I found myself afflicted by the opposite – lots to say and no oomph to say it. It was beyond writer’s block (which was always alien to me anyway).

And now? Now I’m back… Not so much a George Costanza “I’m back, baby” but I’m definitely back.

Those who read these pages will know I’ve had something of a hiatus. Three months is the longest I’ve gone without writing something for many years.

Typewriter for writer's blockFor those who know me personally, you’ll know why maintaining this blog just hasn’t been a priority.

But I’ve had to get stuck in to some work projects and with that has come ideas and oomph to get writing this personal blog too.

This started as a place to say all kinds of things – though the promise of Work, play, family and other stuff quickly turned in to media, London, hyperlocal and a little bit of politics. My best-performing post remains The price of UK petrol versus the price of US gas, thanks in parts to the HuffPo, the fact the subject never goes out of fashion and that I wrote it with some longevity in mind.

But from 18 months of spouting off, without always having lots to say, this summer turned into not writing anything, when I in fact had lots to get off my chest.

My lessons from this time, which may well just be specific to me (health warning: don’t read too much into this), are:

  1. When one little blog stops, the world keeps turning.
  2. Not only does the world keep turning but with a number of months of historical content page views hardly decline.
  3. Write this stuff primarily for yourself. In my case my day job is for other people.
  4. When you’re going through bereavement or any other major life period, don’t give a hoot about a blog, unless it’s therapeutic and helps. There are, for most of us, lots more important things. It’s obvious but I don’t mind saying it.

Stay tuned people. And thanks, as ever, for reading.

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