Hed heddy hed… werewolf head!

Posted on October 21, 2012


Stop reading now if you’re looking for something sensible on a Sunday. This is about werewolf masks.

Was that an effective teaser? The simple and short part of all this is that my little girl’s birthday and birthday party is coming up on 31 October – Halloween. (Or Hallowe’en, if you prefer.)

I decided a week ago to look around online for a werewolf mask, to get into the spirit of things on the day.

This post is the product of the ridiculous assortment of said masks and other head-wear I found from a few simple google searches. I never knew a product category – albeit not a major one – could be so abysmally catered for. Anyway, enjoy.

Click through for the full pinboard of terrible werewolf masks.

(PS Please excuse some of my comments – it was late, I was tired and my quest seemed eminently more important than getting any work done.)

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