3 more Facebook page lessons

Posted on August 3, 2012


Last month I blogged about 7 lessons from a Facebook company page newbie. I don’t have seven more observations to share but there are things I’ve realised more recently, a few weeks in.

  1. On the positive side, the kind of click-through rates (CTRs) I have seen from placing ads are between 0.70-0.75%. (They averaged slightly higher for US campaigns, lower for UK.) To put that in context, in mainstream media display ads routinely don’t top 0.20% and Google AdWords – in my limited experience – come in at about the same level (even when using Google’s display network rather than just search). Lesson 1: CTRs are high on FB, at least for Collective Content
  2. While I questioned it last time, now I can tell you for sure a lot of the Likes I received were bogus, which makes me less happy about those CTRs. If you drill down to a lot of the people Liking your page you’ll see they follow thousands of things. I acknowledge that the average Facebook user is comfortable with liking a lot of things – many more than me. But 5,000? Lesson 2: A lot of your Likers are dead weight, either fake accounts or not particularly engaged.
  3. After all the learning, the establishment of the facebook.com/CollectiveContent page in double-quick time, the pros and cons, most people will only look at your numbers. You can try to be grown up, talk about how quality of audience is more important, how online isn’t the be all of running a successful business, but people will still say: “Wow, you just added 400 followers.” Lesson 3: Accept any compliments with good grace. Don’t dismiss your community – there are, after all, lots of good, real people in there. What you’re witnessing is the opposite of people thinking you’re shit at something at which you really rock.

See you at facebook.com/CollectiveContent. Or maybe not. There’s always Twitter.

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