Tweet of the week – Cobain in Nickelback?

Posted on April 22, 2012


This isn’t the deepest post you’ll ever read. I keep on remembering a funny tweet and I wanted to say something about the different levels on which I love it. On Wed 11 Apr I rewteeted this:

RT @Francis_Lam: RT @dadbeard Had a student ask me if singer of Nickleback was Kurt Cobain. I failed the entire class and set them on fire.

I obviously love it because – if real – this guy @dadbeard sounds like he’s teaching a student (high school? university?!) who is a moron. Before wondering about Nickelback for a second, surely everyone knows Kurt Cobain is famously, you know, dead. Very dead. Sadly so but I would have thought pretty obviously to anyone with any knowledge of music or popular culture generally.

Then there’s the, let’s put it gently, gap in talent between Nirvana and Nickelback. Mind you, I would love to have heard Nirvana sing that ‘Be a rockstar’ song from not long ago. Maybe one for the Grohl/Novoselic reunion?

And then there’s the “I failed the entire class and set them on fire” bit. Laugh out loud funny, right? I bet you there’s a school or college administrator somewhere taking a dim view of such pyrotechnic boasts. Or even the group “FAIL”. Not everyone is down with extreme language for comedy’s sake.

Or maybe he did set them all on fire. In which case disregard everything I’ve said.

And if it’s all made up? I have no reason to not believe @dadbeard. And it’s still funny.

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