Know your Aw from your Ew?

Posted on February 5, 2012


When I was writing several others posts – probably about young people never wanting to join your company – and speaking to a few other people of a certain age (OK, my age), the subject of Generation Y came up.

You’ve probably heard them (you?) referred to as Millennials – and maybe all kinds of unpleasant things besides.

People have written books, done PhDs and would you believe even more heavy lifting on this subject. They often start by trying to tie down who these people are.

Sure, they like to share (almost anything), they want employers that care, they want Meaning, they don’t care for being told what technology to use or clothes to wear.

(At this point, if you’re a Gen Yer, even if you hate the expression and being pigeon-holed – can’t you just hear “They hate being pigeon-holed”?  – feel free to disagree and leave a comment below.)

But there’s a much easier litmus test, folks. Two criteria:

  1. Gen Yers know how to look good in profile shots. In the age of every kind of social network you can imagine, camera phones, Flickr and more, that stuff really matters. They’re good at it.
  2. They know their “Aw” from their “Ew”. Seriously, I can manage a “Tsk” or “Grrr” on a good day but I start getting my “Hmm” mixed up with my “Mmm”.  Should I know better? (“Ahem”, indeed.)
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