HBO favourites – who’s on your ‘traction list’?

Posted on October 29, 2011


A few weeks back I was in the lift at work speaking to someone about my ‘traction list’ of TV shows. Others in the lift who didn’t hear the whole conversation must have thought this was another idiotic phrase about programmes getting better or somesuch (shows “with traction”). It’s much simpler.

Basically there are programmes from the past 10 or 15 years, probably dramas from HBO or in an HBO style (hello AMC and Showtime), that I’d like to watch but the length of the series and all the plaudits I’ve heard make me want to sit down and watch the whole thing back to back. I don’t know when I’ll ever have time – maybe if I’m laid up for six months in traction. (For the record, I don’t want to break my back or anything.)

So, the fun bit. Below are four categories of show:

–          Those I’ve seen and love

–          Those very much on my Traction List

–          Shows others rave about but get a No from me (not always sure why)

–          Shows I’m not sure about

I’d love any comments and advice – even if it means trashing my taste.


Been there, done that

Although in no particular order, out front are:

Mad Men

The Sopranos

The Wire

In Treatment

Curb Your Enthusiasm



OK, I lied. Those are top of the list and I realise include two comedies. Also in this category:

The Mighty Boosh



Band of Brothers/The Pacific (forgive me for lumping them together)


On the List

Maybe I’ve seen parts but not from the start and never jumping in properly:

Boardwalk Empire

Sons of Anarchy


The West Wing

(And let’s face it, Mad Men will be added to this list as it moves to Sky Atlantic, which is mainly also why I haven’t seen Boardwalk Empire yet [cries].)



Not saying why – feel free to convince me otherwise:



Dr Who


Not sure about these…

Six Feet Under


Big Love

Eastbound & Down

The Killing (Danish or American, dunno)


What do you think? Please let me know by leaving a comment below.


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