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Another reason people talk to journalists

October 18, 2013


“The dough is in the flow.”

The way we work – companies no longer flexible enough

January 23, 2013


Don’t they know the already-clichéd line? “Work isn’t a place you go, it’s a thing you do.”

Don’t waste your life on meaningless work

November 16, 2012


How about if – more often than not these days – we move too fast?

LinkedIn headshots – 8 dos and don’ts

September 7, 2012


Worse still are those anonymous, Carlos-the-Jackal silhouettes. AVOID!)

Bio pics and a timeless question: “Who am I?”

August 21, 2012


How about when someone just looks very, er, different to how they really are?

The most powerful sentence to say in a meeting

August 16, 2012


One sure-fire way to look like the person in charge