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Where won’t you find an ad these days?

October 6, 2013


Please god - no corporate tattoos on foreheads

What’s real online?

May 21, 2013


Was it too good to be true? Was it real? Was it – at least in some way – a set up?

The man who processed 10+ emails per minute – a spam urban myth?

January 16, 2013


Doable? Possibly but you’d have a breakdown after a while.

Which domain name and web hosting provider?

October 22, 2012


Thousands of providers to choose from.

Why back Byte Night?

July 1, 2012


The CIO has one of the best views of what’s going on in any organisation

To protect a child’s digital ID?

June 10, 2012


Should we be more protective with photos/videos/colouring books (?) of our kids?

Currys check-in checked out

June 6, 2012


My Quidco 20% off would save me a whopping £7. Woohoo.

iPad – I wouldn’t wipe my a**e with one

May 29, 2012


“Even in the presidential palace there was no toilet paper…”

From Harrods tramp to AOL domain squatter

May 24, 2012


He feasted on the best food, quaffed the best wine and basically enjoyed the best the world had to offer (the tramp, not the AOL guy)

Kafka Cab – feeding the sat-nav

April 4, 2012


My rant relates to one minicab company which uses sat-navs extensively